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htpasswd Generator


What is htpasswd?

This htpasswd utility allows administrators to create and manage user accounts and passwords, which are stored in a file on the web server (typically Apache or NGINX).

This online tool implements the apr1 algorithm, which refers to the Apache-specific password hashing that was introduced in Apache 1.1.1. apr1 is a variation of the MD5 algorithm and is designed to be computationally intensive, making it more difficult to brute-force attack.

When generating a password with apr1, a random salt is generated and then hashed with the password using the MD5 algorithm. The resulting hash is then hashed again with the password and salt 1000 times, with additional modifications in each iteration to add further randomness. The final hash is then encoded using a custom base64 encoding scheme specific to Apache.

When a user attempts to access a protected resource, the server checks the authentication file to see if the user has the proper credentials. If so, access is granted; if not, the user is prompted to enter a valid username and password.


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